Various Testimonials

“Carrie enables powerful work to be done by holding a safe space and a clear focus. She is insightful, supportive and nurturing, while also managing to completely step out of the way and allow whatever needs to happen to happen. I have probably recommended Carrie more than any other practitioner I have come across, and will continue to do so.”
Kirsten Chick www.connectwithnutrition.co.uk

“I was lucky enough to work with Carrie over number weeks and explored several areas of my life that were troubling me at the time. Carrie’s sometimes playful, sometimes dogged persistence in helping me explore and come to terms with those issues proved invaluable. She is indeed a most valuable resource.”
Russell D’Avilar, NLP Master Practitioner www.rdnlp.co.uk

“Carrie is a highly intuitive and compassionate coach. She doesn’t hesitate to stretch your comfort zone when its necessary and always is an excellent model for coaching and mentoring. Carrie started as my first ever life coach and when I became a coach myself, she agreed to be my mentor. The best part of working with Carrie is the knowing that she always works for the highest good of me as her client.”
Christopher Stribblehill uk.linkedin.com/in/yourcoachchris

“Carrie is a great listener and works very intuitively to resolve issues in a positive and gentle manner. I would highly recommend her.”
Kathryn Chapman www.realenergyhealing.co.uk

Carrie Harris brings a wide variety of skills to the table. Whereas many people who work in spiritual fields have little grounding in other life skills, Carrie has worked in professional arenas and has trained in NLP, hypnotherapy and much more. I have always found her to be knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects. I have attended her workshops and have been transported on a powerful inner journey that has brought clarity to my life – exactly what was needed at that moment. I am grateful to have been at the receiving end of Carrie’s gentle energy and her skills at making you feel at ease and not judged.
Dr Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS, Dip Bio-energy. International Speaker, Filmmaker and author of Punk Science and The Genius Groove. www.paradigmrevolution.com

Having worked with Carrie over a number of years on various issues ranging from confidence, dealing with fear, speaking my truth, motherhood, family issues, grief, being more me, I can honestly say she has been a major positive influence in my life so far. Let me assure you that Carrie is no soft touch. She will help you to stretch and extend your comfort zone. She will offer fierce compassion. She actively listens on a deep level, so you feel truly heard. She wisely offers techniques that support you to move through issues and blocks and out the other end. And if appropriate she will make you laugh.
Ann O’Keife www.livinglifefully.co.uk

“In my experience, Carrie blends a myriad of qualities [each like a spark of light] as she sits with you in council. As I begin a consultation with Carrie, the first thing I notice is how focused she is and how intently she listens. By the end of my talking, I am touched by just how ego-freely she listened without feeling, or without giving in to her ego’s urges to interrupt and intervene! Then as the session advances, I realize how profoundly guided she is by the light of so many wonderful Beings and Unseen Friends that compose her ‘entourage’. And what I admire most about Carrie is even beyond all that! I admire how the advice she gives is not necessarily based on Her beliefs and understandings but yours! In that way, she ever so gently, lovingly and with Great Compassion facilitates your forward movement towards a solution or resolution that works for you, and by so-doing she guides you towards what can be a new pinnacle in your growth! 
I have worked with many healers, advisers, channels, and teachers in my time and I can tell you without reservation or hesitation that what Carrie helps you achieve and manifest for yourself is a sign of not just a lightworker but what I call a truly masterful magician, one with a grander love and a vivid passion for her work, and in the way she cares.”
Kally Khalilian www.cascadinglights.com

“I have experienced Carrie as working with compassion and generosity, while maintaining clear boundaries and focus on enabling positive change. She has supported me to look at my life in a different way and thereby make changes. It hasn’t always been an easy process, but it has been greatly facilitated by her guidance, patience and companionship on the journey. She draws from a number of techniques which she uses in a responsive and thoughtful way.”

“I knew Carrie and her Mother had worked through ‘everything’ before her Mother passed away. As my Mother had been ill for over a decade I asked Carrie to help me get where I too could get to the point of only having love between us. Nothing left unsaid, no ‘if only I’d ….’. and no grudges. The processes she took me through and gave me to do really helped. A month before my Mother passed away I sat on her bed in the nursing home and asked myself what regret – unfinished business would I have if she passed away that night; the only thing was to give her a hug (due to the nature of her stroke this was not easy to do) and tell her that I loved her.”
Nigel H, Sussex

“Carrie is a brilliant coach. She has a friendly and warm approach, asks deep, probing and insightful questions and can really get of the nub of issues. She provided me with phenomenal support and encouragement during coaching sessions and really helped me ‘move on’ in my life. I can’t recommend her enough.”
Mr Chris Penfold, Nottingham www.designcognition.com

“Carrie used her arsenal of empathy, humour, love, tough love, persistence and patience to get to the heart of the matter and swiftly achieved what I thought was going to be hard work. Using skilful questioning and paraphrasing she then helped me to find discover a change of perspective, MY OWN gate to freedom and a life that I’m now enjoying so much more. I’ve felt so supported throughout the series of coaching sessions. “
Heather D, Birmingham

“For many months I have been corresponding in my blog with Carrie Harris to exchange thoughts about my personal growth.She is an evolved person, who can relate on a soul level and who shines her light on others. I have been coatched by her in a wonderfull way. I know that my blog would not be the same had she not shared her thoughts on a daily basis. I am so gratefull that she contributed because it has supported me as she acknowled my presence. I always felt that she witnessed and honored my personal changes accurately. Carrie is a very special spiritual guide and she is needed in our world today. I am convinced that her capacity to love will heal many people.in our community of enlighted beings.”
Manon Laurin, Canada

Carrie as my Life Coach, was and is fantastic. She really helped me to see my blocks and self sabotaging patterns with clarity, and helped me to find solutions and pathways to step past these patterns, and release them. My ideas on how life should be for myself have dramatically changed, and with this positive focus, I have leapt into a new world of awareness, prosperity and abundance, in all aspects, and more focus on things that REALLY matter! “
Laura K, Northampton

“Carrie. Thank you very much once again for your coaching and your time. Now I feel I have the tools to improve my life. Yes I am still living, loving my life to the best of my ability, and I know that it doesn’t have to end anytime! It can only get better!”
Mr S J, West Sussex

Heal Your Life’ online courses
I have noticed that I take more time to understand and deal with problems which have arisen daily in my life. I am more calm and not so jumpy. This has been noted by my daughter, and my friend C remarked the other day that I was ‘different’, more calm and chilled. Wow! The 3 most powerful techniques? Listening to the CD – reinforces what we have worked on. Writing a journey most days starting with my healing affirmations. Allowing myself to let love in enabled me to return some. I will continue to use: I approve of myself x 10 minutes – it helps, No ‘Shoulds’ , Positive thoughts  – change negative ones. I feel the whole course just came together possibly in weeks 7 – 8. It started to make sense! Lovely to have support of others, our course and Carrie. Good to hear others peoples problems and progress. Something to look forward to each week, and a sense of achievement when feeling ‘Gosh, this works!’  Fun working online. Good interaction from group. GoToMeeting technology – good. I had no idea what this would involve but thought it was good to see who one’s colleagues are and getting to know their quirky ways, I wonder what they thought of me?
I think the course was brilliant as it started gently and worked progressively through covering so many aspects and problems allowing one to re-evaluate way of thinking. I am definitely more positive and can say ‘no’ too sometimes which I never have been able to do before.
Diana M., Cornwall

I have noticed an improved sense of well-being. The most powerful techniques? deservability treatment; the exercise changing should into will and the affirmations. I  intend to use affirmations, taking time to look after myself and working on forgiveness. I enjoyed working together with like-minded people to support each other through the process. I really enjoyed this course. I enjoyed the support through email and text, which helped me to feel connected between sessions. The GotoMeeting technology? This seems to work more effectively than Skype. I’m not sure whether or not this was completely down to my home broadband, which has been troublesome, only the connection was not great to me. When the Internet was willing, I felt fully heard able to ask necessary questions. This was enjoyable and everybody contributed equally. I think this technology blended nicely with meeting some of the group face-to-face. 
 Overall assessment : a fantastic course that I thoroughly enjoyed. Would I recommend this work, and also this [online] way of working, to others? Absolutely and I would be happy for others to contact me.
Christopher S., Sussex

I feel Less anxious, more rounded and confident. What were the three most powerful techniques? Forgiveness and angel letters, mirror work. I intend to use: Mirror work, singing jingles, affirmations, Louise Hay videos on utube. Watching my words trying to avoid should s[hould]. Making an effort to be more positive. Course content full and thorough. Length of sessions too long [for me] at the beginning, when looking back and delving in old past pain that had been pushed down for so long. Useful summary emails to consolidate learning and reiterate important information; good links to wisdom statements on Facebook (keep sending) Working online? Early sessions problems. The GotoMeeting technology was Ok when working well, otherwise a trial. I was glad for the opportunity to do this work that I would not have been able to do otherwise. Overall assessment : Excellent; would recommend this work, and also this online way of working, to others.
L.W., London