Hypnosis is an excellent method for dealing with anxiety, panic attacks and overcoming old habits, It is a proven method to stop smoking. Hypnotherapy is the art of the subconscious communicating with your conscious mind. In trance you can make the beneficial changes you have chosen and are ready for. Trance is a supported, comfortable state in which you can gently, effectively explore, and then release, any limitations or blocks to the changes you choose.

My role as your therapist is to guide you as you (re)discover your own resources, will power, confidence etc, as well as reconnecting to your true potential.

Member of the U.K. Guild of Hypnotist Examiners.


Associate Member of National Stop Smoking Centres

N.L.P. (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

N.L.P. has been devised to enable people to shift perspective, release fear, phobias, allergies etc, and to improve the quality of your life.

Developed over the last 25 years, following the greater scientific understanding of how humans think – and how our thoughts influence our experiences. Many simple and enjoyable techniques, some combining hypnosis and some without, have been proved effective, for both personal and professional growth.

Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ Workshops

Based on the globally successful book ‘You can heal your life’ and the consequent international demand for her related workshops, Louise Hay decided to create a teaching programme so her work could be offered extensively. I first read the book in 1990, came to terms with what I could do differently, and within two years had made a number of lasting and positive changes. I qualified as a Heal Your Life teacher in 1995 and still get as much joy from sharing the depth of this work as I did with my first class. Using affirmations, NLP based changes in perception and a deep honesty these classes offer a powerful opportunity to transform.
I now offer the 10 week workshop (one 2 hour session per week) online, using a secure Skype based system. This is proving ideal for many, eliminating travelling time & costs, childcare etc.
I also support individual study of the course.

HYLworkshops ** Bookings being taken now for the next course. Contact me for further details.

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

You can learn how to use E.F.T. to release fear, phobias, and other emotion based problems. E.F.T. puts this effective technique at your fingertips.

Designed by Gary Craig, who refined and developed the earlier work of psychologist Roger Callahan, EFT is based on meridian energy lines. Similar in principle to acupuncture, a problem, using the client’s own words, is ‘tapped’ on certain key points, to release it.

In my experience it works like homeopathy; the energy or vibration of the problem tapped in is used to find and match where there is a collection or block of the same energy in the meridians. The tapping then dissolves that block. My clients are finding this a valuable addition, as a stand alone or combined with other therapies.

I trained with the Meridian Therapy Foundation.